General Terms of Business.


1. Copyright (C) 30.07.2015 One Click Tarot Sàrl, 2 rue de Neuchâtel, CH-1201 Genève. (Hereinafter "the creator")

2. The One Click Tarot game is proprietary software. It is protected by copyright, may only be used under licence and cannot be redistributed or altered without the creator's written consent. Any use of the current version or subsequent versions is subject to the granting of a licence by the creator.

3. Usage and payment conditions: One Click Tarot works with offered points (coins) at start that can be completed by viewing voluntary commercials or via Google Pay®. The points (Coins) that have been acquired are not refundable or exchangeable.

4. Protection of people and property / Confidentiality charter: During your use of One Click Tarot, statistics will be collected, anonymously, for internal use. Any person who provides personal information about him/herself accepts that said information may be used by the company as described below: Usage data are collected solely for the purpose of providing usage statistics. These data enable us to improve our services, adapt the browsing experience and inform you about other products, services or promotions that may be of interest to you. By accepting these conditions, you consent to the use of such data.

5. The information contained in tarot card games is of a strictly general nature. One Click Tarot provides no guarantee as to the accuracy of this information. The information and products contained in the tarot decks and the interpretation thereof are based on judgement and cannot and must not be considered to be certain or probative. The user acknowledges and accepts this, and notes that no claim of any kind whatsoever can be made against the creator in connection with the use or interpretation of the game.

6. All readings resulting from use of the game and interpretation of the cards are based on the publicly known description of the cards and do not provide any guarantee as to the accuracy of the predictions made. Interpretations are based on a reading and explanation of the symbols and in no way guarantee the actual occurrence of any future event.

7. The readings made of the tarot cards are not legally binding and are no substitute for consulting medical, psychological, legal or financial professionals.

8. The customer confirms that he/she is at least 18 years old and that he/she agrees to the stated conditions. One Click Tarot shall not be held liable for any fraud perpetrated by anyone claiming to be of legal age.

9. Acceptance of terms and conditions: By using the One Click Tarot game, the user fully and unreservedly accepts the general terms and conditions of use set out herein. One Click Tarot reserves the right to amend, supplement, add to or remove all or part of these terms and conditions of use for the One Click Tarot game, at any time and without notice. These terms and conditions apply unconditionally to all users of the One Click Tarot game, who are therefore advised to check them regularly. The user shall be considered to have accepted them unreservedly and to refer to them regularly to keep abreast of any changes. The user acknowledges that, by continuing to use the services of the One Click Tarot game, he/she automatically accepts any changes that have been made to the general terms and conditions of use.

10. This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Swiss law. Jurisdiction over any disputes is awarded to the courts of the Republic and Canton of Geneva (Switzerland), with appeals heard exclusively by the Swiss Federal Court.